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Viral, buzz-style cryptocurrency news site, providing easily digestible and heavily shared content.

Our articles are addicting to read and users find themselves unable to resist clicking “just one more”. 

Our shareable-style articles are popular in traditional niches and were yet to be seen in the crypto-space.

— Headquartered in Florida, USA —

Our traffic is unique

The interest in cryptocurrency has exploded the past few years with more and “normies” looking for the next Doge or Shib. With every Elon tweet or Reddit freak out, thousands of new entries begin their cryptocurrency journey, researching everything they can get their hands on.

By focusing on both entertainment and breaking news Crypto Giggle captures both the casual reader and the crypto veterans alike, ready to send our diverse traffic to your project.

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Up to $1000 of any order can be paid in your project's cryptocurrency!
(see FAQ for more details)


Top Banner

$ 1099
  • Maximum Visibility
  • Adblock Proof
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Animated Okay
  • Every Page
  • Add Tweet for +$250 (subject to availability)
  • 336 x 280


$ 899
  • Below Fold (mobile) Above the fold (desktop)
  • Scrolls with user once seen
  • Adblock Proof
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Animated Okay
  • On Most Pages
  • 336 x 280

"Featured Coin" Footer Widget

$ 749
  • Top-center of footer
  • Features your coin's logo, ticker and current price via Coingecko
  • Links directly to your project's page on Coingecko
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Adblock Proof
  • On all pages
  • Coin must be approved


$ 999
  • On Homepage
  • Fluid with content
  • Adblock Proof
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • "Clickbait" Style Thumbnail converts best

Press Release (20% Discount!)

$ 499
  • Google Indexed Page
  • 1 Do-follow link allowed
  • 2 No-follow links allowed
  • Perfect for your "as seen on" page
  • Temporarily featured on home page sidebar, until another press release is published
  • Add Tweet for $250 (subject to availability)
  • You write Press Release. (Using standard press release format)

Guest "News" Post

$ 799
  • You write breaking news style article - we publish
  • Content does not have to be unique, but it can help with ranking
  • 1 Do-follow link allowed
  • 2 No-follow links allowed
  • Article posted here (click)
  • Add Tweet for $350 (subject to availability)
  • Google Indexed Page

Sponsored "Buzz" Article

$ 999
  • Article written in our popular "buzz" style format, as seen on our homepage
  • Thumbnail leading to article added to home page
  • Google Index Page
  • 1 Do-follow link allowed
  • Create an eye catching thumbnail/featured image
  • Want us to write the article? Contact us for pricing.
  • Add Tweet for $350

Event Calendar / Tweet / Pinned Tweet

List Your Event

$ 299
  • Listed on our Crypto Calendar page
  • Visible until event date passes
  • Remains indexed even after "falling off" calendar once date passes
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Adblock proof
  • Add Tweet for $250 (subject to availability)


$ 799
  • Tweet or Retweet your project out to our 85k+ followers
  • Guaranteed on our timeline for at least 30 days. (Generally longer)
  • Will include "#ad" or "sponsored"
  • Images Permitted
  • Your tweet will be the only sponsored tweet for 24 hours to maximize exposure

72 Hour Pinned Tweet

$ 999
  • Pinned to top of timeline for 48 hours
  • Tweet your project out to our 85k+ followers
  • Once 48 hours elapse, Tweet will remain on our timeline for at least 30 days. (Generally longer)
  • Will include "#ad" or "sponsored"
  • Images Permitted

have a question?


In most cases yes.

You can pay up to $1000 of your total order in your project’s coin/token.

There are a few things to note:

Project must be listed on CoinMarketCap or Coingecko with main metrics connected (Market Cap/Supply/etc) 
Approved manually by our team after review.

We would be grateful if you would use the “24h Low” price listed on CoinGecko when calculating payment (Cost/24h low price = how many tokens to send) to avoid any swings

Orders can always be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Luna Classic, Tether or BNB

Not all projects can be advertised on CryptoGiggle. 

We will not post or advertise for obvious scams, illegal activities or any project we deem “low quality”.

We have a commitment to our readers and we reserve the right to deny any project that we feel may damage our readership integrity.

You can view our 97% rating by visiting TwitterAudit.com and searching our handle, @CryptoGiggle

It’s probably easier to disuss what you can not include.

Your ad should not contain:

  • Any price talk*
  • Anything vulgar or offensive. Your AD should be safe for work
  • Flashing or seizure inducing animations/colors.

*obviously your website can reference price, but the banner you provide should focus on the other great aspects of your project.

Press releases generally follow a similar format with 2-4 paragraphs covering your news or announcement in detail.

One to two pictures and a section at the end for contact information (one do-follow link).

See an example here


Any content posted whether it is a press release, tweet, banner AD or guest post will be posted along with one of the following (or variation of it):

#AD – Always Do Your Own Research


“Sponsored Post”

“Paid Promotion”

If a package is marked as “Adblock proof” it means that your ad will still display for viewers utilizing adblock plugins*.

*Tested with Adblock and uBlock Origin plugins.

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