Affirmations For Protection [25 Powerful Examples]

25 Protection Affirmations to Keep You Safe: A Guide to Using Them for Maximum Effect

When most people think of affirmations, they think of things like “I am a beautiful and unique snowflake” or “I am worthy of love and respect.” While these affirmations can be helpful for self-love and self-esteem, they may not be as effective for protection — that’s were affirmations for protection come in. In this blog post, we will discuss 25 protection affirmations that you can use to keep yourself safe from harm. We will also provide a best practice guide for how to use these affirmations for maximum effect!

What are affirmations for protection and how can they be used for protection?

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Affirmations are positive statements that can be used to affirm something about yourself or your situation. For example, if you are feeling anxious about a upcoming event, you could affirm to yourself “I am calm and confident.” Affirmations can also be used to protect yourself from harm. In this case, we will focus on affirmations that affirm your safety and well-being.

The 25 most powerful affirmations for protection:

“I am surrounded by love and protection.”

“I am safe.”

“I am healthy and whole.”

“I am strong.”

“I am protected from all harm.”

“I am shielded from negativity.”

“I am free from fear.”

“I am free from all worries.”

“I trust in my own strength.”

“I am capable of handling anything that comes my way.”

“I am surrounded by positive energy.”

“All is well in my world.”

“My family and friends are safe.”

“I am grateful for my many blessings.”

“I live in a safe and peaceful world.”

“I am surrounded by people who support and love me.”

“My home is a safe haven.”

“I attract only good into my life.”

“I radiate love and light.”

“I am at peace.”

“I am grateful for my protection affirmations.”

“I am my family’s protector”

“I am the protector of my home”

“I am the light in the darkness”

“I sleep incredibly well because I am protected”

Scan through the above list and look for affirmations that speak to you. Do any of the above invoke a sense of calm or peace? Make a note of these affirmations as you will want to focus on them.


How to use affirmations for maximum effect:

Now that you have selected your affirmations, it is time to put them into practice! The best way to do this is to say them aloud, either in your head or out loud. Repeat them to yourself as often as you can throughout the day. You may also want to write them down and post them in a place where you will see them often, such as on your bathroom mirror or by your bedside table.

When using affirmations for protection, it is important to speak them with conviction and belief. If you do not believe what you are saying, then the affirmations will not be as effective. Remember, affirmations are powerful statements that can help to change your mindset and create positive change in your life.

Additional tips for using affirmations for protection:

– If you are feeling anxious or stressed, take a few deep breaths before repeating your affirmations. Breathing techniques have been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety.

– When affirmations feel like they are not working, it is often because we are not believing them. Practice repeating your affirmations with conviction and belief. The more you practice, the easier it will become to believe them.

– Remember that affirmations are just one tool that can be used for protection. Combine affirmations with other practices such as visualization, meditation, and self-care.

What are visualizations?

Visualizations are another tool that can be used for protection. Visualizations involve creating a mental image of yourself in a safe and protected place. For example, you may visualize yourself surrounded by a white light or standing in a circle of love and protection. Visualizations can be done with your eyes open or closed. If you are new to visualization, start by doing them with your eyes open. As you become more comfortable, you can try visualizing with your eyes closed.

What is self-care?

Self-care is an important part of protection. When we take care of ourselves, we are better able to handle whatever life throws our way. Self-care can include practices such as getting enough sleep, exercise, eating a healthy diet, and spending time in nature. Taking time for yourself is not selfish – it is necessary! When you keep your physical and mental body healthy, you are better able to protect yourself from harm.


Using affirmations for protection can be a powerful tool to help you feel safe and secure. When using affirmations, it is important to believe them and speak them with conviction. Remember to combine affirmations with other practices such as visualization, meditation, and self-care. With these affirmations at your disposal you are on your way to bringing protection into your reality.

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