Love Manifestations

Love Manifestations: Tips for Attracting and Keeping the Love You Want

Love is one of the most powerful things in the world. When we are in love, we feel happy and complete. We want to be around our loved ones as much as possible, and we feel like nothing can stop us. But what happens when love starts to fade? What do we do when it feels like we are no longer attracting the love that we want? In this write-up, we will discuss love manifestations, 15 love affirmations, and how you can use them together to attract and keep the love you want!

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Love is the Universe’s greatest blessing

Holding a newborn in your arms, seeing your partner look up at you and smile, or knowing that you are surrounded by love and support from family and friends – love is the greatest blessing that the Universe has to offer. Love fills us up with happiness, hope, and a sense of safety. It’s no wonder that we all crave love so much!

Unfortunately, love doesn’t always last forever. Over time, love can start to fade away. This is especially true if we take love for granted, or if we don’t put in the effort to keep love alive. If you’re starting to feel like love is slipping away from you, don’t worry – there are things that you can do to change this!

Love Manifestations [A Three Part Guide]

Part One: The Basics of Manifesting Love

Before we get into the love affirmations, it’s important to understand the basics of manifesting love. If you’re not familiar with manifestation, it’s the process of bringing your desires into reality. This can be done through visualization, setting intentions, and taking action steps towards your goal.

When it comes to love, manifestation is about creating a space in your life for love to come into. This means getting rid of any negativity or doubts that you may have about love and replacing them with positive thoughts and feelings. It also means taking action steps towards finding love, such as going on dates or putting yourself out there.

Part Two: 21 Love Affirmations to Attract Love

Now that you understand the basics of manifesting love, it’s time to start using love affirmations! Love affirmations are positively charged statements about love that you say to yourself daily. By repeating these affirmations, you’ll start to believe them more and more – and eventually, you’ll attract love into your life!


Here are 15 love affirmations to get you started:

-I am open to love and it is coming my way.

-I release all doubts and fears that I have about love.

-I am worthy of love and deserving of happiness.

-I trust the Universe to bring me the love that I desire.

-I am open to giving and receiving love.

-I attract love into my life effortlessly and easily.

-I am surrounded by love and filled with happiness.

-All of my relationships are based on love, respect, and trust.

-I deserve to be loved unconditionally.

-I am loveable and lovable.

-I give and receive love freely.

-Love is always available to me.

-My heart is open to love.

-I am grateful for the love in my life.

-“I love myself, and I am loved.”

Part Three: Putting It All Together

Now that you’ve read about love manifestations and love affirmations, it’s time to start using them! Remember, the key to manifestation is staying positive and taking action steps towards your goal. So, don’t just sit around and wait for love to come to you – go out there and find it!

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If you’re not sure where to start, here are some action steps that you can take:

  1. Start using love affirmations every day. Write them down, say them out loud, or repeat them in your head – whatever works for you!
  2. Visualize yourself surrounded by love and happiness. See yourself in a healthy and happy relationship, or surrounded by loving family and friends.
  3. Take steps towards finding love. This could mean going on dates, joining a dating site, or simply putting yourself out there more.
  4. Be open to love. When you start manifesting-love, it might come in a different form than you expected. Be open to new possibilities and don’t rule anything out.

Will this love manifestations guide work for platonic love, or love within family members?

Of course! The love affirmations in this guide can be used to attract any type of love – whether it’s romantic, platonic, or familial. Just adjust the affirmations to fit your specific goal. For example, if you’re looking for platonic love, you might say something like “I am surrounded by loving and supportive friends.” If you’re looking to improve your relationship with a family member, you might say “I am surrounded by love and filled with happiness.” No matter what type of love you’re manifesting, remember to stay positive and take action steps towards your goal!


It may seem like you are putting the cart before the horse to be grateful for love when you have not yet manifested it. However, gratitude is an important part of the manifestation process. When you are grateful for love, you open yourself up to receiving it. So, even if you don’t have the love that you want right now, start expressing gratitude for it anyway. Who knows – your manifestations might just surprise you!

In closing

Remember, love is all around you – you just have to open yourself up to it. By using love affirmations and taking action steps towards finding love, you’ll be well on your way to attracting the love that you desire! Thanks for reading, and good luck manifesting!

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