Manifesting Specific Person [Guide & An Honest Assessment]

A Guide to Manifesting; Specific Person Tailored

Do you have someone specific that you would like to manifest in your life? Whether it is a romantic partner, friend, or family member, this manifesting specific person guide will help you get started. And while there are no guarantees that you can bring that special someone back into your reality — you can increase your chances and show the universe you are willing to do what it takes. In this article, we will also provide example affirmations that our readers have seen great success using. Let’s get started!

What is manifesting and how does it work?

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Manifesting is the process of bringing something into your reality. This can be done through visualization, using affirmations, and taking action steps towards your goal. The law of attraction teaches that “like attracts like”. So, if you want to manifest a specific person, you need to become the type of person that is open, willing, and deserving of love from this special someone. By working on yourself and using affirmations, manifestations and visualizations you can show the universe, “hey, I’m doing my part”, and it’s meant to be, this person may just start to cross paths with you.

Getting started

The first step is to get clear about what you want and make a list of qualities that this person would have. This will help you to get specific and focused on what it is that you are trying to manifest. Once you have your list, it’s time to start writing some affirmations, we will provide some examples you can use, or if you are experienced with the law of attraction you can write your own from scratch. After that, you will want to explore deep visualizations, where you imagine in detail what your life looks like if this person would reappear in your reality.

15 affirmations for manifesting specific person to get you started

– I am open and willing to manifest love into my life

– I deserve to have the (man/woman) of my dreams

– I am attracting my perfect match

– The universe is conspiring to help me manifest my ideal partner

– I am releasing all fears and doubts around manifesting my specific person

– I am confident and certain that we will be reunited

– I am visualizing us (insert activity) together and it feels amazing

– My life is better with (him/her) in it

– We are meant to be together and nothing can keep us apart

– I trust the process of manifesting my specific person

– I am grateful for the love that is manifesting in my life

– Every day, in every way, I am getting closer and closer to manifesting my specific person

– I know that we will cross paths again soon

– Our reunion is just around the corner.

– I am open to receiving this person or someone better


Deep visualizations

Now that you have your affirmations ready, it’s time to start visualizing. This is where you really let your imagination run wild and get creative. Visualize in great detail what your life looks like with this person back in it. Where are you? What are you doing? What does he/she look like? How do they make you feel? The more detail you can add, the better.

For example, if you got together (or back together) with this person and went on your first date, what would that look like? What would you wear? What would you talk about? How would he/she make you feel? Visualize everything down to their smile, the way they make you laugh, and the butterflies you feel in your stomach.

The more emotion and feeling you can add to your visualization, the better. This is what will help to manifest your specific person into your reality.

Take action steps 

In addition to using affirmations and visualizations, it is also important to take action steps towards manifesting your specific person. This could be things like joining a dating site or app, going to social events, or even just putting yourself out there more. The key is to keep moving forward and taking action, even when it feels scary or impossible.

Surrender yourself to the outcome (hardest step)

The final and hardest step is to surrender yourself to the outcome. This means that you need to let go of attachment to the result and trust that the universe will conspire to help you manifest your specific person. This can be difficult, especially if you have been hurt in the past or are afraid of getting your heart broken again. As hard as it may seem, you need to ask the universe for “this or something better”,  and then let go and trust that the perfect person for you will manifest into your life in divine timing.

FAQs For Manifesting Specific Person

Q: I’m having a hard time releasing attachment to the outcome and trusting that the universe will help me. What can I do?

A: One way to help release attachment is to practice gratitude for what you have in your life, even if that person hasn’t manifested yet. Another thing you can do is add the manifesting prayer “this or something better” to your affirmations. This will help you let go and trust that the universe knows what’s best for you.

Q: I’ve been manifesting my specific person for awhile now but haven’t seen any results. What am I doing wrong?

A: The most important thing to remember is to keep taking action steps, even when it feels impossible. It’s also important to trust the process and have faith that your specific person will manifest into your life in divine timing.

Q: What if I manifest my specific person but they don’t want to be with me?

A: This is a fear that many people have, but it’s important to remember that we can’t control how someone else feels. The most important thing is to focus on your own journey and let go of attachment to the outcome. If it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, someone better is on their way.

In closing

If you’re ready to manifest your specific person, follow the steps in this guide and trust that the universe will conspire to help you. Remember, have faith, take action steps, and let go of attachment to the outcome. The perfect person for you is on their way.

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Written by Kristen Michelle

Kristen Michelle is an editor by trade and a writer by hobby. With a masters in literacy and a passion for new age topics, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with well researched and articulated articles.


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