Man Loses $557 Million AUD in Crypto After Mom Throws Out Laptop

“Ma!! the Bitcoin!!”

An anonymous poster on the /r/Bitcoin subreddit made the statement that his mom “ruined his life” when he realized he just lost his life’s fortune.

This comes in just recently after another recent article in July of 2021 that claimed that a man threw away 7500 bitcoins.

The anonymous poster in Australia claims to have lost 10,000 bitcoins that he bought in 2010 as a punt. They were stored on his laptop hard drive.

In 2014 as cryptocurrencies began to gain traction, the man remembered the purchase he made. He went home to try to find his old laptop which had been sitting broken for years.

“I literally fainted, I was angry, confused, shocked, in denial, sad, raged and so many other emotions,” the man wrote in 2019. He claims the event left him suffering a “mental breakdown” as he mourns the loss of his crypto.

The man began to grow resentful towards his mom for throwing away his laptop. As Bitcoin price continued to rise, he said his depression worsened.

“I am still broke, I still live with my parents, I am employed, but at a s****y job I hate, and have friends, but we don’t talk much, and life is just not the same as it used to be.”

“I was angry, confused, shocked, in denial, sad, raged and so many other emotions,”

Other redditors began to question the legitimacy of this man’s tale of woe, but he stuck to his story. This kind of story is not unique though. 20% of all the Bitcoin in existence is believed to be inaccessible due to lost wallets, a study shows.

While we are sure the reddit poster isn’t laughing, a few of the comments poke some fun at the situation.

“It was running Microsoft Vista, he can hardly blame mum if she thought it was a piece of junk” said u/reversenotation.

Others felt the need to comment about their own mothers.

“My mom would beat and blame me for not stopping her from doing this lol” said u/Fearless_Ball_1951.

While others offered solutions a little too late.

“meh, should have made a backup of the seed” said u/red_dildo_queen.

Time is supposed to heal all wounds. As cryptocurrency continues to rise, we’re hoping that his depression and pain is not as exponential as his unrealized gains. It may be hard to swallow for this poster, but experience shows that had he been in possession of his coins the entire time, he probably would have sold at many of the Bitcoin price spikes throughout the years. Still, painful…

You can check out the full Reddit thread here and relive the pain of this poor soul.

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