The Most Epic Cryptocurrency Tweets In History

The great (or not so great) thing about the age of the internet is, if you post something, you can almost guarantee someone will save it for the rest of eternity. Here is a list of some of the most epic tweets in the history of cryptocurrency and social media.

#1 Thomas Randolph doesn’t like to wait

They say patience is a virtue and for Thomas Randolph, it's safe to say in 2011 that patience was not his strong suit.
Proclaiming that Bitcoin had stabilized at $14 a coin and he was tired of waiting.

Mr. Randolph presumably sold his Bitcoins (at a loss) for $14, ouch!

He remains in the public on Twitter and appears to be a good sports about the whole ordeal. His timeline is a mixture of "epic fail" comments and people calling him an OG for even knowing about Bitcoin back then.

Keep your head up Thomas, there's always the next 10000x

#2 How’d that work out for you Peter?

Notable financial commentator and author Peter Schiff is no friend of Bitcoin to say the least, once proclaiming that Bitcoin was "fools gold" and anyone who buys it is ultimately a fool.

 This epic tweet involving Peter comes back in late 2020, when Peter may have over-estimated his clout on Twitter (or perhaps he was just impression farming?).

Asking the Twitterverse if they'd rather take advice from him and all his many accolades (pat yourself on the back much?) and an 18 year old college freshman who has never had a job.

Twitter spoke and ultimately the "kid" made the right choice. Peter did admit after this tweet, wiping the egg off his face, that bitcoin could go to 100k "temporarily". 

#3 John McAfee you’ll DO WHAT NOW!?

John McAfee, is many things... the founder of McAfee antivirus, frequent presidential candidate, prisoner, Libertarian activist, and now... eater of dicks?

On more than one occasion McAfee has made bold predictions on Bitcoin's price at certain intervals, backed up by the promise to eat his own dick on national TV.

HIs price predictions never came to be and neither did his self-satiation, perhaps he couldn't get a national TV deal, or perhaps he is waiting for the right garnish? Who knows. I'm sure we haven't heard the last from him and his dangling participle.  eww

#4 The most expensive pizza ever eaten and it wasn’t even PizzaHut

Okay, so this one is technically not a Tweet, but it sneaks in based on it's sheer significance.

As you can see in the forum post on popular forum Bitcointalk, in 2010 a man later identified as Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 BTC on a couple of hot pizza pies from Papa Johns.

Those 10,000 Bitcoins would be worth half a billion or so today. Don't fault Laszlo too much, at the time you could barely even give Bitcoin away pizza is pizza.

At least Laszlo is a permanent part of Bitcoin history and that is surely just as good 500 million dollars... right?

#5 SpaceX or Dogecoin, who will reach the moon first?

Fans of the popular meme coin Dogecoin, will remember this as a day that will live in infamy. In February 2021 Elon musk tweeted direct and indirect support for Dogecoin, which sent the price soaring.

The man that literally sends things to the moon (or around it), decided to send Dogecoin their first.

(Narrator: "two days later")
Also in February 2021, he voiced some concerns over the coin and its many large holders and sent the the coin's price downward.

Live by the Musk, die by the Musk I guess.

#6 Satoshi returns?

This last one is more a humorous thought experiment. There may just come a day when Satoshi returns and announces his presence, and just like every other celebrity that has become disappointingly "human", he will probably do it via Twitter.

Having 1.1 million Bitcoin at his disposal will he go full super villain and crash the price, or be the savior of humanity and being peace to this decentralized wild west?

Really makes you think, eh?

What do you think?

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