Star Wars Funko Pop NFT Collection to be Released on March 26, 2019

Star Wars Funko Pop NFT Collection to be Released on March 26, 2019

Star Wars Funko Pop NFT Collection to be Released on March 26, 2019

Funko is a well-known toy maker that has experienced both dramatic highs and lows with its digital collection. Funko’s Star Trek: The Next Generation digital collectibles had a disappointing performance after its long-awaited second wave sold out. On March 12, the unfortunate event that led to almost 49% burning of NFTs occurred. The company has been preparing for the upcoming Star Wars Funko NFT collection and have announced the release date of March 26th at 11AM PT.

The Star Wars Funko NFT collection is a new addition to Funko’s ever-growing digital collectibles.

Classic Star Trek is already featured in an early Funko NFT release, even though technically Star Trek also was the first digital collectible. This time, however, the company has chosen to focus on The Next Generation Franchise. Funko has also never released digital collectibles of the Star Wars series.

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Funko is inviting collectors to take part in a drop of the new Star Wars Digital Pop.

Funko appears to have prepared more stock for this upcoming event in anticipation of increased interest towards its new collection. Droppp, the platform that handles Funko digital releases, has reported 35,000 Standard Packs and 30,000 premium packs.

Standard packages are smaller and contain five cards, while Premium packages have seventeen items. Standard packages contain five cards, while Premium packages have seventeen. The prices of these two packages are also different, Standard packs costing $9.99, while Premium packs sell for $29.99.

One of the best parts about the Funko NFT releases is that you can earn redemption tokens which are then exchangeable for exclusive figurines.

Funko says that “Collecting Grail, Legendary or Royalty sets will qualify you to receive a Redemption Token for the physical equivalent.”

With this release it seems Funko did its best to produce unique figurines that could be redeemed. Some collectors believe, such as the Gastlecast YouTube team, that the company could lose a great deal of money if it focuses on the Star Wars original films.

Funko’s most avid collectors claim that Funko has already over-represented the original trio and that it is currently difficult to produce figurines which will spark community interest. Fans of the series claim that there are already similar collectibles available, but without the settings. This will likely make redeemable figurines more unattractive.

Source: Funko,

Some collectors also find it uninspiring that the set redeemable does not come with a physical figurine of Freddy Funko as he represents one of Star Wars’ characters.

It is also crucial for NFT sales. Funko NFTs are very innovative and make for a great collectible. However, most drop participants want to acquire exclusive physical counterparts. The uniqueness of the physical figurines is a major factor when deciding to participate in a drop.

The exclusive collectibles in the Star Wars Funko NFT March collection are expected to contain six figurines.

According to reports, Princess Leia will be the least-rare physical collectible. It is categorized under Royalty and includes glow-inthe-dark components. This type of figurine will have 3,300 pieces.

Funko will release four Legendary figures this time. They are Han Solo, Emperor Palpatine Darth Vader and C-3PO. Each Legendary figurine will have a limited edition of 3,000.

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The most rare figurine will be an upside-down Luke Skywalker frozen. Only 1980 of these figurines will exist.

The Star Wars Funko Pop NFT Collection will feature only Deluxe figurines. This is an exclusive format that includes a scene or setting, as well as additional items such a bases, vehicles, and props.

The community has criticized the use of Deluxe figurines. While it may have been the intention to add some variety and differentiation to Star Wars’ protagonist, as well as the other characters represented by Funko NFT, the decision has actually caused criticism. Gastlecast, for example, raised the issue of Deluxe figures being too large to display or store. This may make them less attractive to collectors.

Disney’s licensing requirements may have also influenced the choice of items that can be redeemed.

The toy maker has scheduled the start of the redemption period for the 24th July, while collectors take their time deciding whether or not to buy Star Wars Funko NFT Cards. A snapshot of the inventory will then be taken in order to determine whether or not collectors qualify for redemption tokens.

Funko reminds its community to redeem their Redemption Tokens before the expiration date of August 23rd 2024 at 11:59pm PT. Delivery of physical counterparts should take place in Q4 2024.

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