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Crypto + Charity = <3

In a nice change of pace from all the negative news and crypto-related hit pieces, we thought it might be nice to talk about something positive. This story fell into our lap, much like when you get the exact Christmas gift you wanted, and we are excited to unwrap all the details. A Pennsylvania pharmacist was able to feed thousands of homeless folks this year, and if that wasn’t cool enough, he was able to utilize cryptocurrency during his efforts. Way cool!

A hero is born

Inspired by the science fiction dreams of Blade Runner 2049 and Justin Timberlake’s In Time, pharmacist Kenneth Kim had the vision to use cryptocurrency in a way that would make the world both more charitable and tech-forward. His company ‘Crypto for The Homeless’ (CFTHL) has already provided meals to over 5,000 homeless people around the globe through digital currency donations! As this generous humanitarian puts it: “I always had the desire to get involved with some kind of project in crypto. If it made the world better that would be the best possible scenario,” (originally quoted when speaking with Cointelegraph).

Tying it all together

Kim’s heartbreak at seeing frequent homelessness while attending Temple University in Philly inspired him to take action. In 2019, he provided his first four meals of many – jumping off the start of an incredible fundraising project that now spans three years and multiple countries! Crypto was chosen as a medium because it facilitates decentralized donations so funds won’t be blocked by authorities or frozen away.


With CFTHL, Kim is unifying charity and humanity. Homeless individuals no longer need to rely on donations from faceless entities as volunteers come directly with meals in hand—capturing the unique spirit of truly helping those less fortunate by bringing a human touch into charity work. All funds received are carefully documented through public ledgers – creating unparalleled transparency while ensuring every penny goes toward helping people get back on their feet. Kim continued (when speaking to Cointelegraph):

“It’s about physically being there handing the food out, like no matter where they are, especially if it’s the middle of the highway, or like under a bridge in their tent.”

Far and wide impact

To date, Crypto For the Homeless has collected and distributed nearly 80k in donations utilizing just two full-time employees and a handful of volunteers. They’ve been able to reach needy folks in more than just the United States — hitting Australia, Thailand India to name a few. Kim hopes to ramp up operations in the future and expand to more countries and increase his reach.

Closing thoughts

Crypto for the Homeless is a heartwarming example of how cryptocurrency can be used to make a real difference in people’s lives. Kenneth Kim and his team have demonstrated that with just two full-time employees and some volunteers, it’s possible to reach thousands of homeless individuals around the world. His project has inspired others to use digital currency donations as an effective way to provide aid where it is needed most. We hope that more organizations follow suit and continue expanding this trend toward helping those who are less fortunate through charitable giving powered by blockchain technology.

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