New Moon Affirmations

A Guide to New Moon Affirmations: How to Harness the Power of the New Moon for Your Goals

When it comes to manifesting your goals, the new moon is a powerful time to work with the universe. The new moon is all about beginnings, and this is the perfect time to set your intentions and plant the seeds for what you want to achieve. In this guide, we will discuss how to use new moon affirmations to help you manifest your desires. We’ll also provide a list of affirmations that you can use during the new moon phase!

What are new moon affirmations and how can they help you manifest your goals? 

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New moon affirmations are positive statements that you can say during the new moon phase to manifest your desires. The new moon is a powerful time for setting intentions and planting the seeds for what you want to achieve. When you use new moon affirmations, you are working with the universe to create what you desire. If you aren’t familiar with affirmations in general, they are powerful phrases that you can say to yourself to manifest your goals. — they work by reprograming your subconscious mind to believe in what you are trying to achieve.

How to use new moon affirmations to achieve your goals 

When it comes to using new moon affirmations, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, it is important that your affirmations are positive statements. This means that they should be in the present tense and should avoid using negative words. For example, instead of saying “I don’t want to be broke,” you would say “I am abundant.”

It is also important that your affirmations are specific. The more specific you can be, the better. This means that you should avoid general statements like “I want to be happy.” Instead, you would want to say something like “I am grateful for my new job that makes me happy.”

Another important tip is to make sure that your affirmations are realistic. This doesn’t mean that you can’t manifest big things, but it does mean that your affirmations should be based in reality. For example, if you are currently unemployed, it wouldn’t be realistic to say “I am making $100,000 per year.” A more realistic affirmation would be “I am confidently looking for a new job that is in alignment with my goals.”

A list of 20 example new moon affirmations that you can use to manifest your desires

“I am confident and deserving of achieving my goals.”

“I release all fears and doubts that are holding me back from success.”

“I am open to new opportunities that will help me achieve my goals.”

“I trust the universe to provide for me in perfect ways.”

“My hard work is paying off and I am seeing results.”

“I am let go of all negative thoughts and emotions that are holding me back.”

“I am surrounded by love and support from others.”

“I have everything I need to achieve my goals.”

“I am taking steps each day to move closer towards my goals.”

“My intuition is guiding me to take the perfect actions.”


“I am confident in my abilities to achieve my goals.”

“I am attracting all of the resources I need to achieve my goals.”

“I am letting go of any and all limitations that are holding me back.”

“My mind is focused and clear on what I desire to achieve.”

“I am staying positive and optimistic about my ability to achieve my goals.”

“I am fully capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.”

“I am grateful for all of the progress I have made so far.”

“Every day, I am getting closer and closer to achieving my goals.”

Using these affirmations during the new moon

You need to have your affirmations prepared in advanced of the new moon so that you can use them during the new moon phase. The new moon occurs when the sun and moon are in alignment, which happens at a different time each month. You can find the date of the new moon for your specific location by doing a quick internet search or by checking a lunar calendar.

Once you know when the new moon is happening, you will want to set aside some time during that night to do your new moon affirmations. New moons are powerful times for setting intentions, and they represent new beginnings. This makes them the perfect time to use affirmations to manifest your desires.

Some people like to do their new moon affirmations right at the time of the new moon. Others prefer to do them during the waxing crescent phase, which is when the moon is growing from new to full. There is no wrong or right time to do your new moon affirmations, so do them whenever feels best for you.

Maximize your time

To get the most out of your new moon affirmations, it is important to put some feeling and emotion into them. This means that you should say your affirmations with conviction and really believe in what you are saying. You can even add in some visualization to really bring your affirmations to life.

In closing

The new moon is a powerful time to set intentions and manifest your desires. By using new moon affirmations, you can harness the power of the new moon to help you achieve your goals. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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