Weight Loss Affirmations

Weight Loss Affirmations: How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off with Positive Thinking

Do you feel like you’re in a constant battle with your weight? Are you constantly yo-yoing up and down, trying every diet under the sun but never seeing any real results? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with their weight for years before finally finding a way to lose it and keep it off. The good news is that there is a life raft – and it comes in the form of using weight loss affirmations! In this blog post, we’ll discuss what affirmations for losing weight are and how they can help you achieve your goals. We’ll also provide 25 examples of affirmations that you can start using today. 

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Weight loss affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself on a daily basis. The purpose of these affirmations is to help you change your mindset around weight loss and create new, healthy habits. When used correctly, these affirmations can be incredibly powerful; they can help to increase your motivation, boost your confidence, and keep you on track when you feel like giving up.

Weight loss affirmations are not some hokey “woo-woo” nonsense; they are supported by science. Studies have shown that participants who used affirmations had a significant decrease in body mass index (BMI) after eight weeks, compared to those who did not use affirmations. This could be because affirmations keep our goals front and center, or even the universe shaping both our realities and our bodies.

Creating your first affirmations

When it comes to weight loss affirmations, there are no hard and fast rules. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you create effective affirmations:

– Make them personal: The more specific your affirmations are, the better. For example, rather than saying “I am healthy”, try “I am eating healthy foods that make my body feel good”.

– Keep them positive: Affirmations should be stated in the positive, rather than the negative. For example, rather than saying “I will not eat junk food”, try “I am choosing healthy foods that nourish my body”.

– Make them present tense: Affirmations should be stated as if they are happening right now, in the present moment. For example, rather than saying “I will lose weight”, try “I am losing weight”.

25 weight loss affirmations to get you started

Now that you know how to create effective weight loss affirmations, it’s time to start using them! Below are 25 weight loss affirmations to get you started. Feel free to use them as is, or adapt them to better suit your needs.

“I am in control of my eating habits.”

“I make healthy choices that nourish my body.”

“I am losing weight and feeling great!”

“I am worthy of a healthy body.”

“I love taking care of myself.”

“I deserve to be happy and healthy.”

“I am strong enough to resist temptation.”

“I am grateful for my healthy body.”

“I am committed to my weight loss goals.”

“I am worthy of reaching my goals.”

“I can do this!”

“Every day, I am getting closer to my goal weight.”

“My determination is unstoppable.”

“I believe in myself and my ability to lose weight.”

“I am surrounded by love and support.”

“I am grateful for my progress.”

“My weight loss journey is easy and effortless.”

“I am attracting healthy habits into my life.”

“I am letting go of old, unhealthy patterns.”

“I am creating a new, healthy lifestyle for myself.”

“I am worth the effort.”

“I am loveable and lovable at any weight.”

“My weight does not define me.”

“I am gorgeous at any weight”

“The mirror is reflecting my amazing progress”

When and wear to use these weight loss affirmations

Now that you have a list of weight loss affirmations, it’s time to put them into action! The best way to use affirmations is to repeat them to yourself multiple times per day until they become part of your daily routine. Here are some ideas for how and when to use these weight loss affirmations:

– First thing in the morning: Start your day off on the right foot by repeating your affirmations as soon as you wake up. This will set the tone for the rest of your day and help to keep you focused on your goals.

– Before meals: Repeat your affirmations to yourself before you eat, to help you make healthy choices.

– After meals: Repeat your affirmations to yourself after you eat, to help you feel good about the choices you made.

– Before bed: Repeat your affirmations to yourself before you go to bed, to help you end the day on a positive note.

Take action

While weight loss affirmations are a large piece of the puzzle, they are not the only piece. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to take action and make healthy choices in your life. Use these weight loss affirmations as a tool to help you stay on track, but don’t forget to put in the work! Be the person you are affirming yourself to be, and you will achieve your goals.

Think of your affirmations when making food selections, going for a walk, drinking water or anything else weight loss related. When you make the decision to better your health, weight loss will follow.

In closing

Weight loss affirmations are a powerful tool that can help you lose weight and keep it off. Set realistic goals, and be sure to use affirmative statements that are present tense, personal and positive. Remember to take action and make healthy choices in your life, and weight loss will follow. With a little effort and determination, you can achieve your weight loss goals!

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