Chains Within Chains(Avax-ception) (2/4)

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One of the most unique characteristics of Avalanche is that it is actually 3 separate blockchains under one umbrella network. Much like the Three Little Pigs, there are 3 blockchains in our story you need to know about.

The first one is the X-Chain. The X-chain deals with the creation, management, and distribution of tokens. A shitcoin generator.

The second one is the C-Chain which is just a copy of the Ethereum virtual machine. Essentially, you can just copy and paste ethereum dApps onto it like downloading games online for some kind of Super Nintendo emulator. This allows lazy developers to import stuff on Ethereum without doing too much work.

And finally, we have the P-Chain. It coordinates the validator nodes as well as the staking mechanism. So in other words, it’s like your boss at work, I guess?

Here’s where it gets weird:

These chains can have subnets, and these sub-nets can have other sub-nets within them. It’s kind of like a simulated universe or that one episode of Rick and Morty episode. 

These sub-nets can run the Ethereum emulator on them or act as proof-of-stake or proof-of-work or any other consensus mechanism.

They can also be public or private. You know how when you play an online game and some of the rooms are locked with a password so only the host’s friends can get in? Yeah, that’s what Avalanche has, except with doors leading to doors leading to a locked door leading to emulators. It gets confusing, I know.

The rules can be set by each subnet through a DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) so if the leader of one sub-net makes a rule that everything within the subnet has to be about cats and memes, well…that’s the door to the cat universe within Avalanche.

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