Facebook, what are you even doing? (2/5)

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my cryptocurrencies, the last entity I want involved is Facebook. 

Sadly, we are not the final say and Facebook intends to launch a stable coin, blockchain-based payment system.

When the coin was first announced by Facebook it had some temporary, development names like “GlobalCoin” and “Facebook Coin” – generic enough for you?

However, the project officially was christened with the name “Libra”. In 2020, a decision was made to re-name the project to “Diem”, which means “Day” in Latin (oh boy!).

Despite aiming to launch in 2020, at the time of this article the coin hasn’t actually launched yet. The latest we heard was that it would launch in January of 2021, but that date came and went. Perhaps it will be delayed indefinitely, sparing us having to use Facebook and crypto in the same sentence – especially when other projects already are making great leaps in the stable coin game, RSR comes to mind.


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