Micree Zhan($5.2 billion) (6/6)

Micree Zhan(or “Jihad” as his critics call him) is the co-founder of the mining company Bitmain Technologies. Zhan is rumored to own the 2nd largest holding of Bitcoin after Satoshi.

He is credited with introducing Cryptocurrency to the Chinese market, a market with a whopping 74% of the worlds bitcoin mining production. Critics of Wu blame him for the hard-fork of Bitcoin. Bitmain was heavily invested in a Shenzhen based mining company, ViaBTC.

His net worth is estimated to be 5.2 billion making him the 9th richest self-made billionaire in the entire world under 40.

Jihan Wu, Zhan’s former business partner,  was the first to translate the Bitcoin whitepaper into Mandarin.

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