Ripple me this! (5/5)

Let me introduce you to my friends, RipplePay, OpenCoin, Ripple Labs and Ripple. These all represent names of the cryptocurrency XRP, now branded simply “Ripple”.

Ripple, is a protocol designed to allow fast and cheap transactions, but no between Alice and Bob, more geared towards international transactions. (Think banks, or clearing houses).

Ripple was conceived originally with the name RipplePay, briefly pivotted to OpenCoin and finally settled on just Ripple or Ripple coin.

Whatever name they want to be called, in 2020 the Securities and Exchange Commission brought legal action against Ripple for allegedly selling unlicensed securities – further claiming that Ripple was in fact a security, not a commodity as Ripple claims.

The legal proceedings are still undergoing, but one wonders if they’ll undergo yet another name change should they survive the SEC.


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