The decree from Reserve (RSV) regarding Burger King Venezuela (1/7)

A wise man once said “A hamburger tastes better when it’s paid in stable currency.” Or at least a hungry man..

Twitter exploded with both criticism and praise for the announcement that Burger King Venezuela would accept the currency reserve.

“This solves what?” asks Twitter user Quinnsandra
“Certainly not obesity” replied user xGringo

It’s not always about solving something, in this case it’s a great foot forward towards wide spread crypto adoption.
Reserve allows its users to hold their currency value in a stablecoin until they are ready to spend it, and Burger King VE has eliminated the need to transfer back into local currency before paying for their tasty burgers, instead allowing users to pay directly in the stablecoin… what’s not to love here?

Reserve is just one of many cryptocurrencies currently getting love in Venezuela. As inflation has accelerated and run rampant, people would do just about anything to get away from the falling bolivar!

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