The Plot Thickens (5/7)

Mr Jimenez got released. As he arrived back home, he burst into tears. The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, requested he come to the president palace for a meeting. Mr Jimenez spent years protesting this man. A sense of dread overcame him as he pushed his way through the crowds.

As much as he despised  Maduro, the opportunity to create a crypto that would save his country was too tempting to pass up. If done stealthily, he could introduce a technology to give freedom from the government he despised.

Friends and family warned him of the dangers. Soon after, President Tareck El Aissami would be called a ‘drug kingpin’ and end up on the most wanted list. Jimenez knew of the danger but thought he could sneak Petro past the government prying eyes.

2017 and 2018 were tumultuous years for cryptocurrency but perhaps not as difficult as the life of Mr Jimenez. His faith in cryptocurrency led to him working for the dark underbelly of the government. Top agents praised his ingenuity, but eventual threats led to Jimenez seeking exile in the United States.

“This was my mission and my gamble, in a bet that ended costing everything I had in my life: my friends, my partners, my reputation, my love, my company and my country.” he told the New York Times.

To this day, Jimenez has been unable to tell his story.

Written by Writers Room


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