Twitter reacts to RadioShack diving into Cryptocurrency (3/3)

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RadioShack DeFi announced their token swap will run in the form of what they call an “owned liquidity pool model”, this model is different from the one used by the most known players in the field of decentralized finance such as Uniswap or Pancakeswap and is part of a new generation of models that try to own their liquidity instead of renting it from others, this is supposed to incentivize a perspective of long-term holding over the usually yield farming protocols, which usually suffer from the fact that most of their liquidity disappears once their rewards for doing start dropping.

Their roadmap explains how they will build their model by partnering with Atlas USV, a platform that will provide the base-layer and the treasury needed to run the protocol. It’s worth mentioning that Atlas USV is a project that was also created by Tai Lopez and his partner Alex Mehr, so the proposed symbiosis goes beyond the technology. 

Not everything is known about the future of RadioShack DeFi, their RADIO token, and the role that will be played (if any) by the original brick and mortar stores, but their claimed goals are as grandiose as the Lamborghini that Tai Lopez usually keeps in his garage.

For now, you can go to and join the waitlist to read about upcoming news on the project, that way you can learn more, and maybe, just maybe, earn more as well.


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