Vitalik Buterin dropped out of college. (3/6)

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs and now Vitalik Buterin?

At age 20, Vitalik was studying away at the University Of Waterloo, taking as much as five advanced courses at once. It was around this time that Vitalik received the notable Theil Fellowship grant for 100k. 

The Theil Fellowship grants students sums of seed money to work on their projects with the catch that they must drop out of college to receive it. Yes, you read that correctly, the grant is contingent on the recipient dropping out of college! That’s exactly what Vitalik did in 2014 when dropped out to work on Ethereum full time.

Not long after, Vitalik and team successfully crowdfunded 18 million dollars to establish the Ethereum foundation which is tasked with overseeing the development of Ethereum.


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