Web 3.0 and the rise of the metaverse (5/6)

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Brian Brooks stole the show in a congressional hearing on Cryptocurrency. Bitfury CEO Brian Brooks explained blockchain in such a concise way to congress that many praised his ability to simplify a complex idea to the masses.

Web 3.0 entered our lexicon as the evolution of the internet, an expansion of web 2.0 if you will. A new internet that is decentralized and incorporates user creation and a new dimension of NFT’s and metaverse and….—Yeah you get the picture.

The idea of a ‘convergence’ between worlds, and the term layer describing not onions, but blockchains.

Facebook changed its name from Facebook to Meta and posted a video which incited many memes and fears of a dystopian digital world run by the tech giant. Metaverse coins and crypto saw an enormous surge following Facebook’s announcement and a digital gold rush for virtual land commenced.

Play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity flourished under this environment and it seemed like every scam crypto project started calling itself a ”DAO-run metaverse web 3.0 NFT project’ to capitalize on the new trend.

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