Did Marvel Just Promote Bitcoin on The Falcon & Winter Soldier?

Marvel’s newest smash hit, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, a TV show launched on the Disney+ network in March has been met with critical praise. Currently sporting a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the show is jam packed with action, cameos and extended universe details that would make any nerd grin.

One of those blink-and-you-may-miss-it moments came in Episode 3 of the first season where a certain character (no spoilers) has been killed and a bounty has been offered for her killers. That bounty will be paid in the form of 1k Bitcoin.

#1 ₿1k Bounty Falcon and Winter Soldier Screenshot

As you can see in the spoiler-free screenshot above, the message states "₿1k BOUNTY for her killers".

We have to assume that the message means 1,000 Bitcoins, which at the time of this article would be about 60 million fiat dollars worth. It wouldn't be much of a bounty if it was $1,000 worth of Bitcoin, would it?

You have to wonder when this episode was shot and just how much Bitcoin has gone up in price since they filmed it. A few articles point out that it was filmed in early 2020, which would mean the bounty increased 6x in value from shooting to premier. Let's hope whoever is awarded the bounty knows how to HODL.

#2 Social Media reacts

It didn't take long for social media to explode after the episode aired. Bitcoin enthusiast viewers with super hero-like vision themselves spotted the Bitcoin nod and were quick to post their reactions.

Many tweets reaching 500+ reactions. (We like to spotlight tweets of lesser known folks).

#3 Untraceable bounty?

Many fans of the show are posting in the Marvel subreddit that it makes sense a bounty would be offered in Bitcoin since "it's anonymous" and "untraceable", and while that is not true, we will let the fans and writers have this one since they are at least making an effort to give cryptocurrency exposure. 

Bitcoin is actually quite traceable, and while it is pseudonymous, coins from major hacks have been blacklisted in the past, rendering them basically useless.

Perhaps the writers should use Monero next time?

#4 Tony Stark Bought the Dip?

With a net worth of 12 billion, maybe Tony Stark market-bought 1,000 Bitcoin to offer the 60 million bounty to catch the killers...

Or maybe Satoshi himself is going to dawn a cape a cowl and use his net worth to do some good. Satoshi would put Iron Man to shame if he were to return. At current value, Satoshi would be worth upwards of 60 billion compared to Tony Stark's miniscule 12 billion...heh'.

#5 What’s next

Even if you are not a fan of superhero movies or maybe your "team DC", you can't deny mainstream exposure to cryptocurrency seems to be on the rise of late.

It's a shame to see it's use case in television and movies be mostly for cloak and dagger things like bounties or ransoms.
Can we suggest maybe a scene where Tony Stark is trading Bitcoin to clear his head after a long day of smashing villains? Maybe Bruce Banner is giving a lecture on elliptic curve cryptography?
Hell we'll settle for Wolverine going all alpha on people who refuse to HODL. Maybe Batman buys a cup of coffee with Dogecoin.

Either way, kudos to Marvel for putting Bitcoin in the spotlight.... your move DC!

What do you think?


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