Five Virtual Metaverse-like Items That Sold For CRAZY Amounts

Metaverse has become something of a buzz word as of late. With Facebook changing their company name to ‘Meta’ investors and enthusiasts alike find themselves in what could be the early stages of a megatrend. In order to understand and participate in this trend it’s important to look at examples throughout history for guidance.

The entries on this list paved the way for the crypto metaverse, and represent what most believe were the first “metaverse”/NFT – online gaming.

#1 Murky Pet($6000-10,000)

In World of Warcraft, this blue murloc was given as a special-edition pet in Blizzcon 2005, when the game was still in its infancy. Attendees were given a redeemable code before the game was ever popular. The codes sell for $6000-10,000 on online retailers. Blizzard was pretty much was doing NFT's before NFT's were even a thing!

#2 Age of Wulin Sword($16,000)

Age of Wulin was the most anticpated game in China in 2013. Before its release, the game held an auction for players to purchase in-game weapons and armor. Among the weapons was a sword purchased for $16,000. It was said to have incredible power, along players to breeze through the game. Talk about pay to win!

#3 The Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg($70,000)

Believe it or not, this weird pixelated green egg(that looks like a rejected prop from an Alien movie) sold for $70,000 in the game Entropia Online. John 'Neverdie' Jacobs purchased this egg with the description promised the egg would hatch 'something unseen by the game so far'. What finally hatched out of this egg was a giant monster in which players would have to work together to neutralize.

#4 Club Neverdie($100,000)

In Entropia Universe in 2005, the same individual who purchased the egg also went to obsessive lengths, mortgaging his real-life home for $100,000 to purchase a virtual asteroid which he crafted into Club Neverdie. The club generated a revenue of $200,000 per year. In 2010, he sold it for a whopping $600,000, proving it to be a very good investment.

#5 Planet Calypso($6,000,000)

Why stop at just a club? No deal comes close to being as expensive as the $6,000,000 purchase of Planet Calypso. It operates under the umbrella of Entropia Universe, and actually broke the world-record for the most expensive virtual item ever sold. The owner of the planet earned revenues from activities that went on in the virtual planet. Wow, just wow...

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