Budweiser Sells Out Of Beer NFTS, Changes Twitter to beer.eth

You know, there is one thing the blockchain has always been missing. That one final addition that will singlehandedly propel the crypto space into new heights. Beer.

Okay, so maybe not really a game changer, but Budweiser beer company wasn’t messing around when it jumped head first into the NFT pool. 

On November 1st 2021, the century old beer brand launched 1936 NFTs titled “Budverse Cans” – touting that you could “own a piece of history” (for a low low price, of course).

Additionally, in a bold move Budweiser USA also changed their Twitter handle to beer.eth which if anything should bring new eyes onto cryptocurrency, if nothing else.

#1 Budweise drops beer NFTs

The tweet above shows the full promotional video for Budweiser's NFT drop. 

Why did they release 1936 NFTs? 
A very specific number, Budweiser says it is a "hat tip" to their first Heritage Cans that were launched in the year 1936.

As much as I'm sure folks out there want to own a piece of Buds history, much like every other NFT, our guess is people are just hoping to sell these at a later date for profit. Ho-hum.

#3 Budweiser NFTs sold out in under an hour

If you were hoping to add a Budweiser NFT to your Christmas stocking this year, I'm afraid you are out of luck.

The NFT sale, sold out in under an hour on the OpenSea platform.

Looks like you'll need to visit your local bar to indulge in Budweiser the old fashion way. Oh well, at least you can taste your investment!

#4 The beer.eth NFT launch was a little rocky…

Although it sold out in record time, it appears from the Twitter comments that the launch was not without its issues.

Some twitter users (like seen in the Tweet above) reported that they were charged for both the NFT and gas fees, but never actually received their Budverse can.

While we are quite certain Budweiser will refund the price of the NFT, it remains to be seen if these users will have their gas fees refunded - in fact we highly doubt it. With most reporting an average gas fee of $75, this process turned out to be more bitter than the hops in their flagship beer.

#5 Final thoughts on the Budweiser NFT drop

While we personally still have some eyebrow-raising thoughts about using NFTs for art, when there is so much more you can do with the technology and the fact that the launch perhaps didn't go the smoothest, we do think that a company of this size embracing the technology is an overall positive for the space. 

Anything that showcases this technology we love so much to millions of thirsty(hehe) people has to be seen as a win in our books.

Cheers to you Budweiser... or should I say beer.eth!

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