CoinGecko Joins The Top 500 Most Viewed Websites In The World

If you’ve spent even a small amount of time in the crypto space you have probably come across CoinGecko. CoinGecko describes themselves as “one of the largest and earliest crypto data aggregators.” To put it simply, CoinGecko is where you go to check the price and fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. It’s truly a one stop shop for info about cryptocurrencies and their price action, charts, circulating supply and other metrics.

Many altcoin research journeys begin at CoinGecko, and as reddit user clodhopper88 so eloquently put it:

CoinGecko joins CoinMarketCap in the top 500 most viewed websites in the world. Currently sitting at number 461 (to CoinMarketCap’s 189th place), CoinGecko shows both just how mainstream and worldwide crypto is becoming and how valuable CoinGecko’s information is to crypto enthusiasts, both casual and professional alike.

CoinGecko’s cofounder and COO was quick to Tweet his excitement.

And we couldn’t be happier for him and fellow cofounder TM Lee who mentioned that CG was founded (in 2014) with just $100.

If you are new to cryptos or aren’t new but somehow managed to make it this far without utilizing this amazing resource, be sure to checkout – they currently support nearly 7,000 assets and are growing every day. Everybody likes to always mention to “do your own research” and CoinGecko is a vital first step.

Many people have reported preferring the layout and overall “feel” of CG over CoinMarketCap, citing reasons such as, less popups, better app and less bias (CMC is owned by Binance). Additionally, for the more technical users, CoinGecko’s API is currently 100% free and pretty darn good.

We will let you be the ultimate judge, but CoinGecko seems to be creeping up on CoinMarketCap.

Cloudflare lists CoinGecko’s peak traffic months at over 100 million views per month and for a good reason. We tip our hat to the gang at Coingecko and wish them all the best as they quickly approach the top 250 spot.

Can’t get enough CoinGecko? Be sure to check our their recently released book titled, “How to Bitcoin” – the book is great for beginners and uses easy to understand analogies and guides – all for less than 15 bucks (and they accept Crypto, duh).

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