Hilarious Crypto/Bitcoin Text Messages

Let’s be honest, it’s really a right of passage when you receive text messages from your friends or family asking you about crypto. These texts are usually triggered by a Bitcoin bull-run, or a mainstream news hit piece about the technology dominating the news cycle.

Hell, you may have even been on the other side of the equation, asking a more seasoned friend dumb questions along the way. There’s not shame in it, the best thing to do is just smile at some of these hilarious and heart warming cryptocurrency related texts.

#1 It’s happening!!

This first exchange is more heart warming than hilarious. For many of us, our significant other may not be as involved in our crypto antics as we are. Seeing them come around and be truly interested in the technology, or at least open to objective discussion is a thing to get pumped for!

It's happening!

#2 All grown up

*wipes tear from cheek*
It's really something to see people you care about start using terminology that was once very niche. Take a minute Louis, you've earned it!

#3 Start small.

In this exchange you can see that a friend of Digital Tom put $100 into Bitcoin back in June of 2020. 

If our math checks out, if Tom's friend still hodls that Bitcoin today, his $100 is now worth $560. Pretty rad!

#4 They’re coming around.

As much as we don't recommend flaunting your holdings, it's always sweet victory when previous naysayers text you about the coin you've been so passionate about for so long.

We hope Bitgindew decide to be the better person and get his brother in law a handy beginners guide.

Enjoy the positive texts, as you are likely to get the other side of the spectrum when the markets are down. "The mob is fickle, brother"

#5 A stern reminder

Let this persons text message be a stern reminder to never give your personal information out and always login to your exchanges of choice through their official URL.

In this example, the scammer claims to have sent you Bitcoin and provides a login url to go view it. This is an attempt to get your Email and Password to steal your coins.

If it's to good to be true....

#6 The Crypto Guy

When you are known as the "Crypto Guy" amongst your social circle, you are bound to get text messages asking for updates during good times and bad.

Since this text was back in 2018, you can be sure that this person's phone has been blowing up with all we've seen in the markets in 2021.

#7 Funny Money

This throwback screenshotted posted by u/ItsIntrinsic on Reddit shows that even grandparents are getting in on the ribbing.

Yes grandma, our "funny money" is on the rise ..occasionally 😉

#8 Oh really?

While they above picture didn't actually happen, we can tell you that absolutely do texts as dumb as this come flying our way since we are known by our friends and family as crypto people.

Regardless of whether you are on the sending or receiving side of these crypto text messages, be sure to document your crypto journey along the way. Crypto is a crazy ride that is just beginning and it's always fun to look back and smile!

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