6 Of The Craziest NFTs We've Seen (..So Far)

NFTs are taking both the mainstream news and crypto space by storm. Nearly every day there is a new NFT being auctioned, each crazier than the last. This article will explore some of the most ridiculous NFTs we’ve seen so far. Before you begin:What are NFTs If you didn’t know, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens (sometimes referred to as colored coins) and in essence an NFT is a collectible, digital piece of art that is most likely housed on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFT tokens differ from other Ethereum token as they contain unique identifying information. NFTs represent ownership (provable through the blockchain and their unique characteristics) of digital versions of art and other assets. This can be pictures, GIFs, memes, tweets. digital trading cards and so much more. And while art is the current craze, NFTs can be used to prove ownership of off-chain assets like houses, businesses and just about anything else. Now on to the list!

#1 Jack Dorsey’s first tweet.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet came in March 2006, simply saying "just setting up my twttr" 

Pretty uneventful right? Also, did Jack think that "twttr" would become the cool short way of referring to Twitter back in 2006? Anyways...

Jack has decided to auction off his first Tweet in the form of an NFT and the tweet's current highest bid is 2.5 million dollars. Jack will be donating the proceeds to charity if you were wondering.

Buying this tweet means you own it, however it does not mean you can modify it, remove it or even that it will be removed from public view after you own it. In fact, much like most art NFTs, all you can really do is re-sell it... that and tell your friends how cool you are that you own it...

#2 Musk being Musk

Not one to be left out of the spotlight, Elon Musk announced via Twitter that he would be selling a song he made about NFTs as an NFT. 

After receiving offers as high as one million dollars that we know about, Elon changed his tune (heh'), tweeting out later that selling it "doesn't quite feel right". Elon was probably just impression farming the whole time if we had to guess.

In this case, owning Elon's song NFT would have given the buyer digital rights to the tune, which we think would allow one to use it for commercial use (we aren't lawyers). Too bad...

#3 JPG sells for 69 million.

Becoming the third highest priced artwork ever sold, this JPG sold for a whopping 69 (heh') million US Dollars. 

Created by digital artist Beeple, it is titled 'Everydays: The First 5000 Days'.

He should have titled it 'greater fool theory' (Wikipedia it).

Whelp, despite our pessimistic attitude, you can't halt progress. Cheers to you Beeple.

#4 You lookin’ at me, punk?

This pixelated fella, simply titled 'CryptoPunk #3100' sold in March 2021 for over 7 million USD. 

CryptoPunks dominate the yet-young-list of most expensive NFTs.

CryptoPunks are basically blockchain trading cards or similar to Pokemon cards. CryptoPunks were one of the first applications of NFTs on the Ethereum network and were launched in 2017. Only 10,000 Punks haved ever been produced and they are all unique.

These 8-bit "punks" paved the way for the NFT craze. Hey, we ain't hating.

Google CryptoPunks to check em' out.

#5 NFT Domains?

A unique use-case of the NFT abilities and a change from "art" NFTs. Unstoppable Domains, a company that builds blockchain domains, set the current (as of March 2021) record for an NFT Domain.

The domain Win.Crypto was sold for 100k. 

You can see more NFT domains by visiting Unstoppable Domains website.

#6 “Gronk Sell NFT!”

Never one to miss out on an endorsement opportunity, NFL superstar and future Hall Of Famer Rob Gronkowski jumped on the NFT train by releasing 348 digital trading card NFTs which sold for a combined 1.2 million.

Sports cards are a major piece of the current NFT market share. If owning (sort of) pieces of sports history interests you, you may want to check out "NBA Top Shot" by Googling just that.

This amazing Crypto Giggle logo can be yours for the modest opening bid of 1 million USD. 

Okay, we are joking... for now anyway. It's literally that easy to create and sell your own NFT. Who knows, maybe your MS Paint masterpiece will propel you into early retirement!

Godspeed as who the hell knows how ridiculous this NFT craze will get.

For a beginners crash course on NFTs we highly recommend this short Youtube video:


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