Text Chat Operator Jobs from Home – Legit Or Scam?

Text Chat Operator Jobs from Home Unpacked

Are you in the job market for something that you can do at home? Remote jobs are saving a sizable percentage of the workforce money and time. Some of us spend an hour or more daily just commuting to the office or shop. Less time on makeup is a huge bonus too.

If you’re interested in the perks of working remotely and have a good skill set for customer service, consider becoming a text chat operator. Communicating through text is undoubtedly a skill employers need.

Or, you might be interested in a pay raise. In 2019, about 50% of the American workforce made less than 35k a year. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average for a text chat operator is about 39k a year, or $19 an hour. Workers who make less than that might want to consider a career change.

What does a text chat operator do?

Text chat operators help customers through online chatting. Have you ever gotten a pop-up sound while browsing a website and the company offered to ask any questions? Go through some of those prompts and you can be talking to a live person.

Text chat operators require tact and professionalism. You are going to be representing your company. No matter what, a customer service branch is going to want to serve their customers most effectively. Leave your emojis and lowercase words at the door. Your bedroom door, at this job.

Jobs like this always come with metrics attached. Your boss will be able to see how long your chats are, if your customers were satisfied, and many other important measures of your job well done. These often can earn you bonuses or other motivations to log onto work for the day.

Who is hiring?

There are a couple of different routes to take here. Some companies outsource their customer service to specific companies, like Sykes or Arise. Other companies, including many big tech giants, rely on hiring internally.

Here is a list of some options you can take, looking for your job.

  1. SocialSaleRep

SocialSaleRep is a company that hires for a variety of clients. You need to speak at least one language from a list, including English or Spanish at this time, and be able to type at least 25 WPM. They even offer bonuses for their top moderators. If you think you’re a solid choice, try SocialSaleRep (#ad)

  1. SiteStaff

SiteStaff hires their chat hosts to make connections and serve other companies to make their numbers climb. If you can type a decent rate above 75 WPM without grammar or spelling mistakes, you should consider applying.

  1. Text121Chat

Text121Chat means business. They need text operators who are high quality. All of their operators are trained by a manager to make sure they are ready to get to work. The best part of Text121Chat is that you don’t work shifts. You clock in as you want to. Be careful, if you don’t work for four days straight then you will have to contact a manager.

Anybody looking for a new job opportunity in customer service, look no further. Text chat operators can work remotely, and you can join them.


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Written by Kristen Michelle

Kristen Michelle is an editor by trade and a writer by hobby. With a masters in literacy and a passion for new age topics, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with well researched and articulated articles.


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