Monetary Dollar – A New BSC Chain Project That Is Gaining Attention

With so many projects on the BSC chain Monetary Dollar (MD) brings a fresh decentralized vision for a useable currency.

“Unsound money, being controlled by central banks whose express mission is to keep inflation positive, will offer little incentive for holders to keep it.” – Saifedean Ammous

Since 2009 Bitcoin…

Since Bitcoin came to the scene in 2009 there have been many cryptocurrencies that have attempted to cast the same vision in some way. But many tokens and projects have tried to find new use cases and new ways that cryptocurrencies could be utilized.

Monetary Dollar started in 2024 as a vision on the BSC chain to restore the foundational principles of Bitcoin and a decentralized useable currency for people to use outside the current banking system.

Bitcoin was invented because of the belief that the current banking system was broken. It was to offer an alternative, this is the same vision MD is casting.

Why Is Monetary Dollar on the BSC Chain?

We have decided as a development team that the most useful and chain that has the most users is the BSC Chain. With lower gas fees and lots of community interaction we could garner a larger following quickly for MD. You can find us on BSC Scan here: Monetary Dollar (MD).

This also is the reasoning behind starting with the Google Chrome Wallet. The market share of chrome world-wide is 60% amongst browsers and we feel this is the quickest way to connect with the most people to start using Monetary Dollar as a currency online.

What are the goals and roadmap of Monetary Dollar (MD)?

We do have an ambitious goal to be one of the most used tokens on the BSC chain!

Our first phase is airdrop and giveaway distribution, we want to make it was easy as possible to get MD tokens for as many people as possible in smaller quantities. We also want to release to pancake swap with liquidity for those who are interested to buy MD tokens and be involved in our growing ecosystem.

Our second phase is to start to deploy ways for people to use MD in real-life situations. Training or seminars or marketing that offers free small amounts of MD so people can learn how to use cryptocurrencies. The unbanked are needing solutions and cryptocurrencies like Monetary Dollar are a perfect fit.

Long-term we would like to release our own blockchain that requires no fees for transferring. Once we have established a large community and funding this would be a longer term goal.

Is Monetary Dollar a Stable Coin similar to Tether?

Though our name has “dollar” in it, we are NOT a stable coin and are not pegged to any price.

Our goal is to be a useable currency, a form of “monetary value” that is decentralized and owned by the people, not any bank or organization. We want to be a grassroots expression in the crypto world of one way to see a decentralized currency work.

How do you get involved with Monetary Dollar (MD) or buy it?

Our main way for people to buy Monetary Dollar (MD) tokens is on pancake swap. It is a swap system that is decentralized with no fees. It is the best way to obtain MD.

We look forward to see a growing community of crypto enthusiasts join with us. You can join our telegram group and also join our twitter (X) page.  You can visit the Monetary Dollar (MD) website for more information and to connect further.

“Monetary Dollar (MD) is not corporate owned or controlled. It’s a currency of the people and for the people.”

For more information, head directly to

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