Bitcoin Pizza Day is Saturday the 11th of May (1/5)

You may be thinking that spending 10k Bitcoins on a carbohydrate-filled meal is a something only the Joker from the Dark Knight would do, similar to him literally lighting millions of dollars on fire. But that’s not why we celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day; it’s not about Laszlo Hanyecz misfortune*, it’s about the fact that he is directly responsible for the first real word adoption of Bitcoin as digital cash.

And while that amount of Bitcoin spent on the pies is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars, at the time, that amount of BTC was quite literally pocket change. Or more like those strange, rare U.S. coins your grandpa used to give you for Christmas – you have to find someone to even accept it!

*while many would consider it a misfortune, Laszlo says he has no regrets about his purchase. Chances are, he would have never held this long anyway, and honestly neither would would you or I. Be real!


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