How Bitcoin Pizza Day Originally Went Down (2/5)

Traditional message boards may seem like an antiquated way to communicate on the internet, especially with sites like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Discord, but one of the original places to talk about Bitcoin and crypto is/was

Back in 2010, the man of the hour Laszlo Hanyecz penned the post you see above which states in gist that he was willing to pay 10k Bitcoin for a couple of Pizzas. Containing that he likes toppings such as onions, peppers and sausage, but “no weird fish topping”. 

Fellow user “Jercos” was able to oblige Laszlo and facilitate the swap by ordering from a Jacksonville Papa John’s, which was local to Laszlo.

While Laszlo is listed as the first buyer of goods with Bitcoin, just as impactful was Jercos who became known as the first seller of goods for Bitcoin.


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