Kim Dotcom. Remember him? (1/6)

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If the name Kim Dotcom doesn’t ring a bell, then congratulations, you are probably younger than us. (Yay for youth!)

Kim Dotcom, whose Wikipedia page reads more like a Martin Scorsese movie script, was a pretty big deal in the early 2000s. Most notably he founded the popular file sharing website MegaUpload. Some say he was Hollywood’s public enemy number one, as MegaUpload was used by many internet “pirates” to share movie releases. Kim has been in legal battles for most of the last two decades.

All that aside, Mr. Dotcom holds a spot in the top Bitcoin tweets of 2015 with his banger proclaiming that, “it’s time for Pan B. Bitcoin” and a picture of the US Dollar. 

Want to know more about Kim? Simply look to his name for more and visit


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