We Look Back At The Top Bitcoin Tweets on 2015

Nowadays, Twitter is filled with tons of crypto related activity, but it wasn’t that long ago when Bitcoin related tweets struggled to reach a few thousand likes. 

Cryptocurrency is moving so fast as of late, it’s easy to forget just how different just a few years ago were. In this article we take a look back at some of the biggest Bitcoin Tweets on 2015.

Jump into the Crypto Giggle time machine and let’s explore Bitcoin in 2015 tweets.

#1 Kim Dotcom. Remember him?

If the name Kim Dotcom doesn't ring a bell, then congratulations, you are probably younger than us. (Yay for youth!)

Kim Dotcom, whose Wikipedia page reads more like a Martin Scorsese movie script, was a pretty big deal in the early 2000s. Most notably he founded the popular file sharing website MegaUpload. Some say he was Hollywood's public enemy number one, as MegaUpload was used by many internet "pirates" to share movie releases. Kim has been in legal battles for most of the last two decades.

All that aside, Mr. Dotcom holds a spot in the top Bitcoin tweets of 2015 with his banger proclaiming that, "it's time for Pan B. Bitcoin" and a picture of the US Dollar. 

Want to know more about Kim? Simply look to his name for more and visit Kim.com.

#2 The Genesis of Coinbase

If you are relatively new to cryptocurrency, you may just assume that as long as Bitcoin as been around, Coinbase has been there to facilitate millions of Americans in buying and selling it. 

When, as you can see in this Tweet, Coinbase has only been trading Bitcoin since January of 2015 and even back then, they were only able to service 25 of the 50 U.S. states.

Skip to today, Coinbase is available to the entire United States, as well as Canada, the UK, and most of Europe. Additionally, the company recently went public and received a valuation of over 85 billion.

#3 Sam Altman chimes in

Having just went through an election at the time of this article's publishing, it fatigues us to even think of the previous election; it seems like eons ago.

Nonetheless, back in 2015, big time VC investor Sam Altman tweeted this cautionary tale about Bitcoin in relation to American politics.

Altman, who has made some majorly successful investments in projects such as Airbnb, Stripe, Reddit, Reserve cryptocurrency (RSR) and many more, may have been tweeting this out of frustration, but regardless of motive, it turned out to be pretty solid advice.

How much do you think he stocked up? Ask him at @Sama on Twitter.

#4 Bitcoin wasn’t dead in 2015, apparently. (whew)

Now before you start shouting #fakenews at this article title, keep in mind that some pretty major things had happened leading up to this Feb 1, 2015 article.

Per the article, at the time of its posting, the Bitcoin space had experienced some significant turmoil. 

Less than a year earlier, the then largest Bitcoin exchange in the world (MTGox) had lost nearly a billion of its customers Bitcoins, Bitcoin's value had dipped nearly 40% and financial speculator Warren Buffer offered the warning of, "stay away".

Despite all those elements, the article is mostly positive and is an interesting spotlight back in time to 2015s sentiment of Bitcoin. You can read more by clicking the tweet above.

#5 The Silk Road Story Takes Another Twist

The Silk Road saga will certainly be a whole chapter in the cryptocurrency history books. It's already been made into at least one wide release movie and some attribute the initial spike in Bitcoin adoption to the Silk Road.

By the beginning of 2015, the Silk Road story was winding down. With the founder Ross Ulbricht being tried and convicted of most of the major counts against him and the website long since shutdown.

Sadly, the story was not over when two law enforcement agents involved in the Silk Road case pled guilty to extorting 700k in bitcoin from Ross during the Silk Road investigation. It's important to watch the watchers, apparently.

Unlike Ross who is serving a life sentence, both the agents involved are scheduled for release in 2020/2021.

#6 Bonus Round: Bitcoin Price Predictions in 2015

Bonus Tweet #6 is a Tweet about Bitcoin price.

We felt the need to give credit where credit is do to the GoURL Twitter account and their prediction about Bitcoin's price by the year 2017.

The Tweet, which displays plenty of meme lines (some call technical analysis), that shows how Bitcoin will reach 10,000 USD by 2017.

The prediction came true in December of 2017, when the price of one Bitcoin was 10.5k.

Hey GoURL, can we borrow your crystal ball?

What do you think?


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