Many believe Hal Finney to be Satoshi Nakamoto (5/5)

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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? A question that is frequently asked in the community.

Many such lists include Hal Finney as a serious entry and there are many possible coincidences to support the case.

Hal received the first Bitcoin transaction, which could make sense that he sent some test transactions to himself.
It came to light that Hal lived a few blocks away from a Japanese-American man named Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, who himself was once considered to be the Satoshi; it’s possible that Hal knew of this man and used his name online.

There is also the fact that Hal was a very early supporter and believer in a project that initially had many naysayers. Additionally, Satoshi has not been heard from around the same time Hal became sick and ultimately passed.

Regardless of if Hal was Satoshi or not, we would not be here today without him paving the way with his support, work and advocation.

Maybe one day sci-fi will become reality and Hal will once again be back online, until that day be sure to celebrate “Hal Finney day” every year on August 28th.

RIP Hal Finney 1956 – 2014.


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