Bitcoin Legend Hal Finney was Cryogenically Frozen (4/5)

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If you are unfamiliar with cryogenics, here is a snippet from

Cryonics involves cooling a recently deceased person to liquid nitrogen temperatures in order to keep the body preserved indefinitely. Our goal is to keep the patient preserved until future science is able to repair or replace vital tissues and ultimately revive the patient.”

It may sound like science fiction, but the idea is to hopefully keep the person’s body intact and able to be “brought back” to life if one day the scientific technology catches up to our ambitions.

We hope that one day, Hal Finney is back online!

Other notable people who have been cryogenically frozen or have made their intentions to do so include baseball legend Ted Williams, Larry King and Paypal and Reserve(RSR) notable Peter Theil.

Despite a very common rumor, Walt Disney was in fact not cryogenically frozen.


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