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Illuvium is not-so-modestly toted as being the first crypto gaming platform developed by a team of all-star AAA gaming giants.

Yep, after the success of Axie, they’re already sending in ‘the big guns’. The founders are Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick, younger brothers of Kane Warwick, founder of the platform Synthetix. In addition, Nate Wells is a lead game producer on The Last of Us and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

What differentiates this from other crypto gaming titles is the fact that Illuvium aims to become a platform that hosts multiple games(The same way Blizzard owns the World of Warcraft franchise).

The flagship title confusingly bears the same title. Players who own ILV tokens have voting rights on the DAO. They vote on what is humorously known as the ‘Illuvinati council’ that makes decisions for the games.

In terms of gameplay, Illuvium is kind of trying to be like Pokemon but AAA. It’s described as an ‘autobattler’ and to be honest, most people just really like the graphics.

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