Satoshi Suspect #4: Craig Wright (4/6)

Many people on this list have been claimed by others to be the real Satoshi, but this entry involves a man who has self identified as the Bitcoin creator.

Craigh Wright, an Australian computer scientist and businessman who made the bold claim about being Satoshi himself initially in 2015. 

Mr. Wright’s story is a strange and lengthy one. It involves a very public battle with both the courts and public opinion to prove he is in fact Satoshi. Unfortunately, the biggest piece of evidence that fans and naysayers alike are screaming for – moving some of the original Bitcoins – has yet to materialize.

This doesn’t immediately disqualify Mr. Wright in our eyes, but others have proclaimed that it does. Ethereum face and co-founder Vitalik Buterin has gone as far as to confront Craight Wright at a crypto conference and imply that he is a fraud. 


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