Satoshi Suspect #2: Elon Musk (2/6)

File this entry under… “likely not”. 

Elon Musk is everywhere lately. The famous co-founder of PayPal and now Tesla CEO, Elon is no stranger to crypto. He has been in the headlines lately for his both supportive and critical tweets of Bitcoin and Dogecoin, but could Elon be Satoshi?

Support for Elon Musk as Satoshi:
For starters, in the tweet pictured above you can see a playful exchange where Elon implies that he is Satoshi.
Mr. Musk is obviously very versed in economics and was integral in some of the early coding of PayPal, he also has a similar (reaching here) written dialect to some of Satoshi’s known messages.

The biggest reason Elon Musk is probably not Satoshi is the fact that we believe that the Elon we know, would not be able to stay quiet about his invention. Additionally, Mr. Musk tweeted in 2017 that him being Bitcoin’s creator is “Not true”. Although, that sounds like something the real Satoshi would say…hmmmm.


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