Squid Token Exit Scam (3/6)

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2021 was a great year for the K-pop craze. In recent years, the influence of K-pop and Korean series grew as more international audiences were introduced to it through Netflix. Squid Game broadcasted in over 80 countries across the world becoming the most-watched show of all time.

With all of its popularity, of course, came the scams. Squid Token aimed to emulate the premise of the show and allow people to compete in various games based on the TV series.

Perhaps equally tragic as the events within the series itself, It turned out to be a giant rugpull and everyone lost their money. 2021 was famous for just as many scams as it was actual projects.

We know nay-sayers will see these instances as confirmations to their bias against crypto, but you can’t have true decentralized free market without the pitfalls that make it so free. Ultimately, you choose what deserves your attention in this space and we think that makes it special – in spite of the bad actors. 

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