Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Baby Names?

Since Bitcoin’s introduction in 2009 until today cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity. Like anything that becomes popular there are bound to be baby names that come from it (Game Of Thrones ring a bell?).

Here’s a list of some confirmed cryptocurrency baby names as well as some names that actually aren’t the worst in the wold.

#1 Satoshi

Up first is the name Satoshi.

Obviously this names comes from the pseudonym used by Bitcoin's creator "Satoshi Nakamoto".

Now, to be fair, we will analyzing the baby names in the last ten years in the United States, if we use global statistics, we will pickup names from Japan where Satoshi is actually a common name meaning "clear thinking, quick witted or wise"

According to, the name Satoshi registered five births in 2012, none from 2013 to 2015, then about five a year on average
since then.

It's surely possible that there are some Japanese-Americans giving birth to babies with that name in the US, but we'd like to speculate that at least one or two are from Bitcoin enthuse parents.

I'ts certainly not a bad name!

#2 Bitcoin baby!

Looking for a crypto name? Your search probably starts with simply "Bitcoin".

While it is a bit literal in our opinion and may cause some confusion in kindergarten class - that hasn't stopped at least one family from utilizing the name.

As first reported in the Daily Sabah - in late 2017 a Crimean couple named their newborn just that. Baby Bitcoin was born to father Oleg, who was quoted as saying that the name was a way to express "gratitude to the crypto industry". Oleg further explained that his financial well-being was due to Bitcoin and this was a way to say thanks.

#3 Baby Dash?

The same couple listed above who named their first born son Bitcoin, also mentioned that if their next baby was a girl they would name it Dasha, after the cryptocurrency Dash.

We haven't received a follow up from the couple to see if that ever came to be, but it's clear they are dedicated to crypto names to say the least!

#4 Ether

The baby name Ether, is actually a quite beautiful name in our opinion, but we can't claim it's crypto specific.

According to, the name Ether was quite popular in the early 1900s, peaking in 1922 with 50 instances. Generally a girls name, it has fallen off of late - according to the Social Security administration, the name Ether has accounted for less than 5 uses per million births (this could mean zero).

A quite "normal sounding" name, we could see this cryptocurrency name take flight in the 2020s.

#5 A baby born on the blockchain?

Okay so obviously a baby wasn't born literally on the blockchain, however it's possible a baby was born because of it...

An interesting Google search led us to a fascinating article. A story we found shows that Dr. C. Terence Lee (owner of Fertility Care of Orange County) offered a couple a 50% discount on her fertility services if they agreed to pay with Bitcoin. The couple accepted the offer, making their transaction the first payment for fertility registered on the blockchain

The baby was labeled, "The First Bitcoin Baby". Very Cool!

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