Three Cheers To These Crypto & Bitcoin Holidays!

These days wacky holidays are all the craze. We aren’t hating on them, we all need funny ways to break up our schedule. Personally, we are partial to “National Hangover Day”, “National Cuddle Up Day” and “Chocolate Fondue Day” (Yum!).

Lately, as crypto is becoming more mainstream, we’ve seen the spotlighting of some notable dates in the cryptocurrencies history. 

Here are the more mainstream Bitcoin and crypto holidays you can set on your calendar and have the champagne on ice.

#1 Happy Birthday Bitcoin!

Shortly after we turn the page on the new year comes Bitcoin's birthday. January 3rd, 2009 the Bitcoin network appeared online with the mining of the genesis block by Satoshi himself.

 Back then the reward for a successfully mined block was 50 Bitcoins... FIFTY!

#2 Bitcoin Pizza Day

This one you may have heard of. Back in May of 2010, one Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoins for a couple of juicy pies.

Many people like to put on their Captain Hindsight cape and poke fun at Laszlo for spending the now equivalent of millions of dollars on pizza. It's easy to say that now, but back then it was commendable that Laszlo was using Bitcoin for its intended use (peer to peer cash).

When asked more recently, Laszlo says he has no regrets about the transaction. We hope that's true :).

You can celebrate Laszlo and his famous pizza purchase every year on May 18th. We personally order two pies in honor of the day and furiously refresh our portfolio (honestly, that sounds like our regular Wednesday, but hey.)

#3 RIP Hal Finney

August 28th is the date of the passing of Hal Finney. Every year crypto enthusiasts take a moment to remember one of the godfathers of Bitcoin.

If you don't know about Hal Finney, we highly recommend spending some time reading up on this legend. 

Hal Finney is credited with receiving the first transaction from Satoshi, crafting the first Bitcoin related tweet and some even speculate that Hal is in fact Satoshi himself.

Unfortunately Mr. Finney passed away from complications of ALS in 2014. 

RIP Hal Finney, Bitcoin would not be here today without you. August 28th, we remember you!

#4 HODL Day!

When you think December holiday, what do you think? Christmas? Chanukah? Kwanza? Maybe New Years Eve!?


December is for Bitcoin's "HODL DAY". December 18th to be specific; on this date in 2013 a seemingly drunk user on the Bitcointalk message boards made a now-famous post explaining (in crazy detail) why he was not selling his Bitcoin despite the falling price.

On this day, it is your duty to get drunk and proclaim that you are "hodling" to anyone that will listen. Puts a new spin on drunk texts, eh?

#5 Crypto Holidays

While the above mentioned date are the most notable crypto holidays. There are plenty of others if you wanted to fill your schedule.

You could celebrate Ethereum's launch date (July 30th), Silk Road shut down day (November 6th), or your favorite coin's launch date.

Just remember to submit your PTO well in advance. See you on Happy Hodl Day!

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