The Best MEMEs Celebrating Bitcoin Reaching 60k

In the week of March 13th 2021, Bitcoin “finally” broke through the 60k resistance to set a new all time high. I put the word finally in quotes, because we can’t help to become so impatience as of late. Are we alone on that?

And while many analysts predict that this breakthrough could lead to new price targets in the 70-100k range, we aren’t hear to talk about what our crystal ball says, but rather to post the best Twitter memes celebrating 60k!

#1 What a difference a year makes….

Exactly one year ago today, Bitcoin had a bloody day, dropping to under 4k USD. On that day many crypto-skeptics took solace in the drop, with many proclaiming that the end was near.
365 short days later and here we are, celebrating 60k. This chart speaks for!

#3 Cheers to 60k lads!

Whether it's Wolf of Wallstreet or The Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio gifs seem to go hand in hand with crypto space. 

This well timed gif exemplifies how we all felt when we got the 60k notification on our phone.

Cheers to 60k, old sport!

#4 Wen Lambo

We love visual representations, and if there was ever one to text to your skeptical friends, this may be it.

Less than a year ago, 1 BTC could get you a used Corolla maybe, but now we are ever so close to answering the age old question; "when Lambo?"

#5 Deja vu!

The 60k phenomenon has sparked the "cash out" discussion again. But many Bitcoin enthusiasts believe you should HODL until you don't even need to cash out.

The hope is that one day, you can spend your coins on goods and service as easily as your fiat. Hopefully they don't reset the matrix before that happens.

#6 Losing sleep

Gone are the days of long celebrations over fundamental victories in the Bitcoin space. I won't like that now that we've broken 60k, I can't stop my mind from dancing at the thought of 100k. 

I'm not greedy, just adhd!


It's getting harder to HODL every day for poor HODLOR... lmao

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