Jack Dorsey’s first tweet. (1/7)

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet came in March 2006, simply saying “just setting up my twttr” 

Pretty uneventful right? Also, did Jack think that “twttr” would become the cool short way of referring to Twitter back in 2006? Anyways…

Jack has decided to auction off his first Tweet in the form of an NFT and the tweet’s current highest bid is 2.5 million dollars. Jack will be donating the proceeds to charity if you were wondering.

Buying this tweet means you own it, however it does not mean you can modify it, remove it or even that it will be removed from public view after you own it. In fact, much like most art NFTs, all you can really do is re-sell it… that and tell your friends how cool you are that you own it…


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