The Funniest, Most Ridiculous Meme Cryptocurrencies

You might think that researching coins for an article like this would be difficult; you’d be wrong. There are tens of thousands of cryptos these days and it was only a matter of time before some…strange… things began to appear.
These a list of coins that don’t take themselves seriously, and if they do, they really shouldn’t.

P.s. if anything we write about these coins is inaccurate and you are officially affiliate with the project, we’d love to interview you and set the story straight :^)

#1 Brapper Token

If you haven't heard the term brapper before, then I'm jealous of you. You've managed to stay off of the bowels (heh) of the internet. "Brapper" is a slang term for a girls booty - "look at her brapper", etc etc.
Why is a girls bum called a brapper, well I'll let you figure that out - have fun.

Brapper token is/was actually a decent idea - with the goal of transforming the $15 billion USD adult entertainment industry with blockchain technology. You would be able to tip your favorite adult worker with "BRAPS".With the massive rise of OnlyFans, it would be neat to see a coin capitalize on that scene.

I don't think Brapper is available to acquire anymore, if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me. Coingecko shows no recent data and the website doesn't currently load.

#2 Kanye didn’t care much for “Coinye”

Coinye was a mineable cryptocurrency based on the famous rapper Kanye West, even using his likeness in the logo.

Not only was Coinye not endorsed by Kanye West, he even went as far as to sue the currency for trademark infringement. The project was quickly abandoned by the developers with nothing left on the website except "Coinye is dead. You win, Kanye"

If you are going to pick a rapper to base on a coin off of, who better than the biggest personality in rap, but next time, try and get official involvement.

RIP Coinye 2014 - 2014

#4 Ponzicoin. Yes you read the right.

Charles Ponzi would be proud. PonziCoin, aptly named after the coin artist from the 1920. It was created in a tongue in cheek attempt to shed light on the crazy atmosphere that was the ICO craze of 2016+

Very literally suggesting that investing in Ponzicoin was investing in a ponzi scheme. Despite the name, there was many days with volume near 20k with """investors""" apparently hoping the joke would take off.

The project is officially closed with the website displaying, "we hope everyone had a good laugh 🙂 But we have to shut down. This was a parody art performance/joke"

#5 Dogecoin, the joke cryptocurrency with serious implications.


Dogecoin is a joke coin. Now hang on, we aren't being critical, its own founder has said it was started as a joke.

Named doge after dog, the coin officially launching back in 2013 it has had an interesting history, even seeing the project raise 55k in Doge to sponsor a Nascar car in 2014.

Dogecoin spiked in price and went from joke to, "wow this is making people rich" in 2021 when big names like Elon Musk and Snoopdog tweeted about. The coin went from worth less than a penny to nearly 10 cents. 

Dogecoin has a very active community and you can see more at


#6 No, not Dogecoin again – this is Hogecoin

Hogecoin or Hoge Finance was launched seemingly to piggyback off the recent 2021 fame of Dogecoin. Even the official website title proclaims "it's DOGE but Defi.

Apparentl you receive $HOGE into your wallet every time someone buys/sells & the project burns tokens each time as well. This makes the coin deflationary by design, sort of the opposite of many massive marketcap memecoins.

It actually received 200k in volume before fizzling off. I guess you shouldn't mess with the DOGE.

#7 Make Ameri…err Crypto great again?

One of the first successful (that we can remember) celebrity/political coins in the crypto space. Launching in 2016, in the heat of the election lead up, Trumpcoin had aspirations to help DJT secure the presidential office.

Now the website claims the purpose of the coin is used by patriots to expose the wrongdoings of their country.. "they want the truth told and written".

How they do that with a cryptocurrency, I didn't get that far, but it looks as if Trumpcoins best price days are behind them. Once spiking as high as $1 per coin, it been pretty steadily worth under 5 cents since then. Hey, maybe next election cycle we will see a "The Rock" coin? *raises eyebrow*

What do you think?


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