Brapper Token (1/7)

If you haven’t heard the term brapper before, then I’m jealous of you. You’ve managed to stay off of the bowels (heh) of the internet. “Brapper” is a slang term for a girls booty – “look at her brapper”, etc etc.
Why is a girls bum called a brapper, well I’ll let you figure that out – have fun.

Brapper token is/was actually a decent idea – with the goal of transforming the $15 billion USD adult entertainment industry with blockchain technology. You would be able to tip your favorite adult worker with “BRAPS”.With the massive rise of OnlyFans, it would be neat to see a coin capitalize on that scene.

I don’t think Brapper is available to acquire anymore, if I’m wrong please feel free to correct me. Coingecko shows no recent data and the website doesn’t currently load.


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