5 Cryptocurrencies named after foods

There was a time when projects actually tried, ya know? With cool futuristic sounding names. Welcome to 2021 where we are naming coins after animals and celebrities (remember trumpcoin?) and yes, even foods. 

Here is a list of 5 tokens named after foods.

#1 BurgerSwap

Continuing the recent theme of "swap" related tokens (Uniswap being the standard)

Another uniswap clone.. I think?

Quoted as:

" BurgerSwap emphasizes the concept of a “democratized decentralized exchange”, which mean that governance is not optional but mandatory. "  - Whatever that means.

Why it's named after a burger and uses a clipart hamburger as it's logo? Who the hell knows. But hey, as of this article it's up 300% in price - because ya' know 2021.

#2 HotDogSwap

One of the most rediculous charts I have ever seen in my many years in crypto. Hotdog.swap takes the cake for the most rediculous rugpull scam of 2020 (or at least of of them. Holy shit look at this:
Hotdog chart LOL

#3 SushiSwap

A seemingly, somewhat legit uniswap clone that grants revenue sharing to network participants.

The founder is the pseudonymous "Chef Nomi".

Doing quite well in the markets as of writing this (comment below if that's not the case whenever you are reading).

I guess "sushi" kind of goes with crypto for some reason, I don't know why, but it does.


Is there anything more 2021 in crypto than having a domain that ends in .finance? 

Nobody likes Yams anyway. Do they?

as of right now there are nearly 5k active wallets - so some people must be choking them down (the yams) that is..

What do you think?

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