Hilarious and Hopium Tweets For This Or Any Down Market

Sure, we don’t talk much about price on Crypto Giggle. We know there are plenty of talking heads and “influencers” on the web who do nothing but spout enough price predictions for a lifetime. That being said, we recognize that many of our readers are heavily invested in price and market moves. 

When markets are down and you are feeling blue, take a look at these Tweets of hilarity and hopium* to give you a chuckle and a break from furiously refreshing your portfolio apps.

*”hopium” is a fairly new term that describes the feelings of hope and optimism. Thanks urban dictionary!

#1 Joe Exotic

We absolutely had to lead with this tweet. Joe Exotic was all the rage of 2020 and many of us binge watched the hell out of the Netflix special during the early stages of the pandemic. The second we saw this scene in the show we knew it would have an epic time and place in crypto history. That time is here!

Unlike Joe, we sure hope all our readers financially recover from this any other down-markets. Much Love!

#2 Creepy and funny!

We have no idea where this art work came from and what its original use was for. (Frankly we are fine not knowing.) But this picture, with these captions truly represents some of us folks that have experienced quite a few bloody days in crypto.

Welcome aboard! *Evil laugh*

#3 A little bit of hopium

File this one under #hopium. 

Apparently someone who works at Bloomberg and is cool enough to be on the old television set believes that BTC will still get to 500k, rejoice!

Okay, so Cathie Wood was named the best stock picker of 2020 and currently has a net worth in the quarter of a billion range, so maybe she's worth at least entertaining. Either way, this hopium tweet gathered over 2k likes in under 24 hours.
Keep the vibes up!

#5 Russ Cole

You aren't a true crypto freak if you don't furiously refresh your portfolio in good times and bad. To everyone out there that feels like Matthew McConaughey in True Detective, watching their portfolio with red eyes - we feel you! You are not alone!

Hey, maybe turn off your phone, boot up True Detective season one and check back after the season finale. Time is a flat circle, everything we have done in Bitcoin or will do we will do over and over again forever... or something...

#8 Bitcoin rises from the dead

Great movie and a great scene from Deadpool. Here's another hopium tweet for you. Many people who were around for the previous Bitcoin dips believe that like Deadpool, Bitcoin (and other cryptos) will rise from the grave and thrive again. 

We'd like to believe so too!

What do you think?


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