A long way to go (4/4)

If you’ve ever sat down with your grandparents and tried to explain NFT’s or the Metaverse you’ll know that the older generation can have a hard time wrapping their head around cryptocurrencies. You mix that with crypto and you get things like this:

According to Myfloridacfo.com, Florida’s official resource for information on cryptocurrency, it reads “Units of cryptocurrency are often referred to as “cryptocoin”. Yeah, I’ve never heard anyone refer to buying a ‘cryptocoin’ either.

And this:

A couple of weeks ago at a congressional hearing, Brad Sherman pumped Hamstercoin to the moon by saying it could replace Doge. Social media roared with laughter and mockery as Hamstercoin and the newly-minted Mongoose coin flew to the moon.

The first step to regulating something is to actually understand it. We might be able to make some progress towards cryptocurrency if our grandparents in congress could stay awake long enough to listen, but congress and progress frequently are antonyms so don’t hold your breath (both sides of course :P)

Cryptocurrency and blockchain was designed with transparency in mind. I believe that Cryptocurrency has the ability to solve many of the world’s supply chain problems and greatly reduce corruption through blockchains’ unique ability to provide accountability.

Do you think DeSantis is onto something?

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