Not the first state (3/4)

Again, we don’t talk politics, but I have to say that we should resent any party affiliate that comes with being pro-crypto like this tweets infers. Crypto is for the people — all of them — period.

Florida isn’t actually the first state to take steps towards incorporating cryptocurrency into our government. Wyoming lawmakers have been pushing for awhile and this week Puerto Rico house speaker Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez said he would begin to meet with blockchain leaders about using blockchain to add transparency and accountability to the public sector (keep talking like this Puerto Rico and we will invite you to state’s dinner!).

Transparency is a hot topic right now, with some top officials allegedly being able to legally insider trade, many people want transparency and openness from government officials as we wrote here.

In 2018, Ohio was actually the first state to allow taxpayers to make payments in digital assets.

So there’s more to Ohio and Wyoming than just corn fields and planes flying by? Who knew. (Kidding! C’mon we gave Florida the “Florida Man” treatment too..)

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