Ashton Kutcher (2/5)

Apparently, when Ashton Kutcher goes to the kitchen, it’s not to make himself a bagel but to talk about a revolution in finance. Who knew?

Most famous for portraying Michael Kelso in the 70’s show, colleagues of Ashton Kutcher actually say he’s pretty smart!(He did portray Steve Jobs in the film of him after all).

He has his own venture capital firm and has investments in over 60 companies including ResearchGate, Lemonade, and Skype.

He created the TV series Punk’d also, making us wonder if this is some sort of joke(kidding).

No joke, Ashton continues to be serious about crypto – In July of 2021 Ashton and Mila pumped out over 10,000 NFTs for a venture they call “Stoner Cats”.

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