Big Backers (2/4) actually has huge sponsors like UFC, Formula One, and the Philadelphia 76ers at the time of this writing.

Oh, and let’s not forget, they actually partnered with Visa to ensure transactions are as fast and widely accepted as possible! pays big to brand HUGE:
In 2021, the company paid to have the Los Angeles Staples Center renamed into the arena for the next 20 years – in a rumored 700 million deal. The name just took effect Christmas Day of 2021! 

Remember Matt Damon? You know the guy famous for Good Will Hu…..Interstell….no… famous for THIS.

Interestingly, actor Matt Damon is one of the brand sponsors, I guess Ben Affleck was busy. Cause’ you know when I think immerging technologies I think of Jason Bourne.

Anyways.. they ran a pretty strange ad campaign in which Matt Damon and some astronauts tell us “Fortune favors the brave“: 

One user, “cocoanaut”, commented on YouTube ‘This is going to be hilarious to look back on years from now’.

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