What is it Crypto.com and (CRO) Token? (1/4)

Well, the domain itself (Crypto.com) is pretty old! It was registered in 1993 by cryptography researcher Matt Blaze.

Originally branded as Monaco, it was built using Ethereum’s blockchain. But that was then and this is the heavily rebranded now.

Nowadays, Crypto.com is a top 15 exchange and much more! The website makes the claim that is is the ‘fastest growing crypto app’ and we can see it currently has 10 million users and 3000 employees.

The company is also famous for launching one of the most popular crypto debit cards in the market. The crypto.com card allows users to make purchases using 200+ cryptocurrencies at the ‘real exchange rate’ – meaning you can indirectly spend the coins you hold in your Crypto.com wallet (although seamless for you).

The card offers up to an attractive 8%* cashback on all purchases and has a stylish metallic design. There’s no annual fees and you can top it up with crypto or fiat. Most importantly, you can flex on your friends at dinner when paying the bill. “Oh that card? Yea I’ve had that a while now, no big deal…heh”

Crypto.com has also ventured into the DeFi space. Users ‘stake’ various cryptocurrencies and get rewarded just for holding different assets. It pays up to 14% on stable coins and 14.5% on some crypto assets.

Their mission is to put cryptocurrency in everyone’s wallet, basically, make it easy for newbies to get started! Fine by us!

*There are different reward tiers.

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